Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

Baby Margaretha sexy model indonesia yg bikin horni telanjang putingnya.

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We know Baby Margaretha always looks stunning no matter what she's wearing. Whether it's a bikini, lingerie, or just a casual clothes, this actress will manages to look beautiful. Now, let's see her glamorous side with these red night dress in these pics below:

Still can't got Baby Margaretha to be away from a car, but this time with a different outfit. This sexy Indonesian model looks at her best wore a pink tank top with a mini skirt.

Oh yeah, when I read about comments on this blog, people seem to think that this is an official blog of Baby Margaretha, or that I'm the one that did the photograph. Like I stated in the disclaimer, I'm just a fan of this sexy Baby, so I tried to collected her pictures from the web and posted it here. Thanks!

Watching Baby Margaretha in sexy bikini is a feast for the eyes. I wish I can swim together with Baby Margretha, just the two of us, that would be dream come true.

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